Wireless Communication Systems

Flashbay East Africa Limited has the technical depth and resources that are required in this challenging industry.  Our wide range of tower engineering, development and construction services combined with our geographic coverage, ensures that we can be a complete turn-key service provider for all your wireless communication needs.


Tower Erection/Services
Flashbay has a complete range of Guyed, Self-Support and Monopole tower services available including: Tower      extensions and Structural Modifications; Tower Inspections/Mapping; Co-location on existing structures including rooftops;  Project Management; Lightning Protection and Grounding Installations; Cellular, PCS, Broadband, Microwave and Two-  Way Antenna/Line Installations; Sweep Testing; Tower/Antenna and Line Maintenance; FAA Obstruction Analysis and    FCC Tall Structure Registration.


Tower Civils/Services
We have a complete civil construction team capable of the following services to support your wireless communication projects:
Clearing, cut, fill and stone sites; Conduit and Service Panel installation; Pad and Pier Foundations; Pier and Platform Construction; Building Slabs; Tower Foundation Remediation; Shelter Placement; Grounding; Finish Stone; Culverts; Landscaping and Finish Grades.


Radio Services

  • Microwave path design, equipment installation, test and maintenance
  • RBS/GSM cabinet installation
  • BBU upgrades
  • Channel/Sector additions


Site and Development Services

  • Site Acquisition Services
    – Site Location and Identification
    – Lease Negotiation and Execution
  • Zoning and Planning
    – Approval Process Coordination
    – Filing and Appearance
    – Permitting Filing
    – Governmental Interaction
  • Development Due Diligence

    – Environmental Management
    – ESA, NEPA and SHPO Consultation
    – Title Coordination, Review and Cure
    – Federal Licensing 
  • Site Regulatory Procurement and Review
  • Tower Improvement (TI) Engineering Design and Installation
  • Architecture & Engineering Site Development Survey and Design Drawings
  • Structural Analysis and Evaluation 

Microwave Communication

  • 11 WiFi both FHSS, DSSS and 802.16 WiMAX system installation
  • Wireless Point-to-Point (P2P) Microwave Backhaul Systems, Network Extensions or Traffic Overflow Management Development, design, equipment installation & system troubleshooting.
  • Wireless P2P Path Availability, Coordination and Interference Analysis