The deployment of Fiber Optics in Gated Communities around the world is beginning to lead to exciting developments for the next generation of real estate developments.—In particular, infrastructure based on Fiber Optics is providing the foundation for smart communities and cities where a number of technologies and services are combined to create an enhanced value proposition for residents. Smart homes connected to these networks can utilize services such as e-health, e-education and e-government as well as access digital media and high-speed Internet. Sustainability is also integral to the smart community with many environmental initiatives, such as smart grids, slowly becoming a reality.


Flashbay’s proposed approach and timeline

  • —Flashbay will Design, Build, own & operate a Reliable Fiber Optic based network infrastructure that will provide all ICT/ IP based services  e.g. Cable TV, Internet, VoIP, CCTV, Intercom and other value added services in 1 dynamic platform.
  • —Flashbay East Africa Limited will install, own, and operate the network at our own cost.
  • —Network Service Activation fee per house shall be agreed upon by interested resident and Flashbay East Africa Limited.
  • Each residents will choose the service provider of their own choice, who will be required to terminate their service at the gate house. These service providers shall pay a monthly   fee which shall be agreed upon by the service provider and Flashbay East Africa Limited.

Benefits of Our Solution

  • Enhanced development value: An integrated ICT platform for home users is now a reality. Almost every person dreams of having a home office. With our solution, every home within the estate will be converted into an “intelligent home/office”.
  • No post construction building works. With our solution, cable design, ducting and cabling will be done on the already existing ducts. This means that no more digging/trenching will be required, making the house “plug n play”.
  • One Integrated solution for all ICT applications i.e. TV, Internet,  Voice, CCTV, Intercom etc. under one management system.
  • Future proof Solution: Since our infrastructure is fiber based, this means that it is robust and scalable to suit future bandwidth ” hungry” applications from the residents.
  • —Heightened Safety & Security: The Integrated Intercom and Visual Verification System helps facilitate the verification of visitors and other individuals requesting access to the premises, and enhances the development’s overall safety and security.
  • —Avoiding System Duplication/Save Costs: There is no need for the developer to install a separate Intercom System  in the development, as the service is already available from the fiber optic infrastructure.