Fiber Optics

East Africa Limited’s Fiber Optics Division is able to provide full service integration of the infrastructure supporting the growth of the telecommunications and information technology industries. We are prepared to design, procure, integrate and implement solutions and have successfully performed tasks as the prime contractor, a first tier subcontractor and an equal partner in this emerging technology field.

In telecommunications and information technology, up-time is critical. We prioritize our clients’ emergency needs and provide 24/7 Emergency Restoration Services to most of the major carriers in our area.

Additionally, Flashbay East Africa Limited is capable of installing the supporting infrastructure to include manholes, handholds, HDPE Conduit, and stick conduit. We have the necessary experience to install cable through horizontal boring, trenching, or plowing and are not limited to a geographical location, size of the integration task or complexity of the total project.

Our Fiber Optics Division has installed fiber optic cables ranging in size from 2 fibers to over 288 fibers in both single and multi-mode types. Our technicians can provide aerial and underground splicing services on a project or 24/7 emergency response basis.

We not only provide complete installation of fiber cables but  also test and certify the installation is in accordance with customer or industry standards. This includes connectivity, resistance, and impedance matching testing. Fiber optic cable testing includes OTDR, power meter measurements, polarized modeling, and chromatic dispersion testing.